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Dates and Prices

Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu takes place in private sessions on a soft pad on the floor at the clothed body (please bring Sportswear / long underwear and warm socks with you).
Before the first treatment we talk about your medical history (anamnesis) for about half an hour.
The treatment lasts approximately one hour.

Mobile Shiatsu

on the treatment chair for companies, institutions, at trade fairs and congresses.

Power relaxation training

The amount and time frames depend on the needs and desires of my clients.
The shortest treatment for the single session is one and a half, in a group two and a half hours.
You can book ongoing weekly classes with 5 or 10 course units of two and a half or three hours.
Venue should be your own work place, if possible.
For weekend seminars there is a practice room in Wilmersdorf.


ZEN SHIATSU Anamnesis talk once only:
Duration 30 Min:
Duration 60 Min:
6 treatments à 1 Std:
12 treatments à 1 Std:
15,- €
32,- €
55,- €
310,- €
600,- €
MOBILE SHIATSU per 1 minute of treatment:
plus travel costs from 20 km.
1,30 €
POWER RELAXATION Private session 90 Min:
in group per pax 150 Min:
Weekend seminar (per pax):
100,- €
42,- €
180,- bis 200,-€

I'll give you an individual offer, please talk to me!

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